The Dark Horse Team

The People Who Make Darkhorse

Dark Horse is well connected within the global biotech ecosystem and enjoys making client connections for business development, investing, corporate partnerships and identification of human capital. Our headquarters is in Campbell CA.

Anthony Davies, Executive Chairman

I have spent the last two decades working the biotech industry, mostly in California and mostly in the fields of cell therapy, gene therapy and regenerative medicine. Over two years ago I founded Dark Horse Consulting, which seeks to serve these and related fields. We primarily focus on process, analytical and manufacturing issues, but frequently solve problems in allied areas such as project/program management, quality systems, regulatory affairs, drug distribution and contractor oversight. We also have deep expertise in 'classical' monoclonal antibody development and more complex biologicals such as radio-labelled and otherwise conjugated products.

It has been a pleasure to watch Dark Horse grow: we now have multiple Principals and a fantastic, ever-expanding roster of consultants. Our headquarters remains in California and we are excited to have opened a second office in London UK as our client base has expanded to become truly global.

Kirk Trisler, Principal

I have focused my career toward novel and cutting edge therapeutics; from hybridoma technologies to radio-labeled antibodies, personalized vaccines, chimeric bioactive molecules, to more recently pluirpotent stem cell therapeutic applications. Cell and gene therapy is currently demonstrating the clinical success and global interest that make this the next cutting edge area, as demonstrated by recent venture and pharma interest. I joined Dark Horse to focus on assisting international sponsors and academics in this arena toward clinical development and commercialization of these unique drugs. My time at DHC has allowed me to apply my skills toward global standardization of these complex and promising therapeutic modalities. With offices in both California and London, we have the presence and exposure to drive the harmonization of these exciting new therapies.

Jerrod Denham, Consultant

I have spent the last 15+ years working for biotech companies developing autologous and allogeneic cell therapy products for therapeutic applications. The majority of my work has been focused on hands-on development and engineering of pre-clinical to mid-phase cGMP clinical manufacturing processes and products. In 2015, I joined Dark Horse Consulting where I have provided technical support for both US and international clients and have used my specialized skills in Lean Six Sigma, formalized root cause analysis, statistical data analysis, design of experiments, technology transfer and facility design to solve problems relating to CMC of both cell and gene therapy products. It has been a great experience working at Dark Horse especially because it has allowed me to gain exposure on a much wider range of products and problems which will be very useful going forward in my career.

Debi Wales, Controller

My career has evolved around the Medical Device and Software Development industry in Silicon Valley for more than 20 years. I specialize in Accounting Management and have had experience working on projects including corporate acquisition and merger integrations, Initial Public Offerings and Accounting Software implementations for companies with revenues in excess of $500 Million.

Since joining Dark Horse Consulting in September 2015, it has been a great pleasure working for a unique group of talented individuals who are the foundation of the company’s success.

Katherine Jensen, Intern

I just graduated from Santa Clara University with a degree in Economics. My background includes both business and scientific study, which has been a perfect fit for my position in sales and marketing with Dark Horse Consulting. The cornerstone of the company’s success is found in our team of consultants with decades of experience and the well versed professional services staff.